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Moorpark Oasis  ©  2010 Daveworld Records


Produced by Scott Rodell


All songs by David Silva © Moorpark Songs 2010


Recorded at Studio 611


David Silva- Vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, Jews harp


Scott Rodell - Vocals, lead acoustic and electric guitar, acoustic and electric bass, mandolin, keyboards, accordion and midi


Scott can be contacted at: woodstreetrecords@gmail.com


Bradley Jon Sanders- Percussion


Brad’s web site is: http://www.bradleyjonsanders.com/


Mastering- Robin Farrell


Robin can be reached at: julirobin@comcast.net


Cover art- Jerald Silva


My father’s website is: http://jeraldsilva.com/


Front cover text design: Jedediah Gildersleeve


Jedediah's website is: www.glow-online.com


Back cover and CD Art- Victoria Smith


Victoria's website is: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Artist-Victoria-Smith/161722579006?ref=ts


The photographs on the back from top to bottom are:


Presley and Alex’s visit. Photographer: Kathy Silva.


Left to right:  Miss Presley Vance, Stephen Silva, James Silva, Jerald Silva, David Silva, Cheryl Silva, Master Alex Silva


Kathy and Dave in Plymouth. Photographer Barry Levitt


Moorpark Oasis: Photographer Jim Van Gundy


CD photo by Kathy Silva


CD Duplication done by: http://www.unisette.com/


Spelling Police: Kathy Silva


 The gratitude I feel for the work that these friends, some dating back to Jr. High, and family members have contributed cannot be adequately expressed. Kathy and I often joke about people claiming to give 110% because that is of course a mathematical impossibility, but I now understand. Every one of these people dug down and contributed far more time and energy than I could have ever imagined was possible and I do not know how I will ever repay them appropriately, but will pray that I may one day have the opportunity.




Moorpark Oasis was the name of the apartment building I lived in when I moved to LA in 1979. I was living there when I met and fell in love with Kathy, I was there when I earned enough money to buy my first good guitar, I was living there when John Lennon was killed, and I was there when I knew I wanted to be a songwriter.


Scott Rodell and I worked together several times a week starting on the hottest day of 2009 (coincidentally the day that Alexander Jacob Silva was born), through the coldest winter in memory, and finally finishing in the early spring of 2010.


Beyond contributing his great musicianship, Scott took on this project without an inkling as to what I was going to put him through. Not only did he arrange the pieces and take a handful of songs with no direction making them into something far greater than I could have ever imagined, he did so while being put through the gamut of dealing with a singer songwriter who had no idea what he was doing, and strong opinions about that which he did not understand. Like any other collaboration, there was some friction, great affection, and in the end a sense of having accomplished something together that will hopefully outlive us both. In the process, we became friends who will always share that unifying bond.


In addition to the people directly involved with this project- there are several people who contributed in ways that leave me humbled that I cannot begin to thank them adequately…


Annie Moose, Micki Neil, and Robin Wadhams have all listened to my songs from their inception to completion, in all countless versions with various different experimental tunes as I searched for the right marriage of words and music. Without their friendship, support, and most of all patience it is impossible to imagine pulling this off.


John Allee and Kathleen Ross-Allee have talked me in off the ledge on more than one occasion and calmed me during times of tremendous self doubt.


All of the Daveheads who have come to my gigs regardless as to what other more tempting offers may have been available and continue to make me love doing what I do.


My kids Steve and James, as well as Cheryl, Presley and Alex who have put up with a moody father and grandfather and not laughed too hard at his taste in music.


Mom, David Weide, and Hal Wright all contributed to my love and taste in music and made me want to create it. I wish that they could have heard this.


Grandma, Grandad, Grammy, and Grandpop would have considered this effort to be perfect just as I already know that I will be filled with pride at everything Presley and Alex ever do.


And most of all, my September Bride who makes me want to get up in the morning, come home in the evening, and cuddle up with her as the darkness sets in. It is all about Kathy, and in one way or another, everything I do is a celebration of her.


Thank you all.