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Moorpark Oasis

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Moorpark Oasis
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"world class songwriting"
"Classic Americana"
"we need me voices like his"

"A hidden gem. 10 on a scale of 1-10."
"I cannot say more how much I love the arrangements, the production, the wit, the melodies. This album is a MUST HAVE."
"very Beatlesque"
"Reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkle"
"Dylan, McCartney influence also."                 
-Joel Pirard EvO:R

"Moorpark Oasis is a great record with a strong heart."
-Becky A The Mag
"A wealth of life experience delivered with a twist of wit and a mischievous grin."
-Wildy's World
“Moorpark Oasis” is a rather glorious coming together of sharp wit, an obscene level of observation and engaging rockabilly melodies."
"Good lyrics, good music, good voice. Go find this album. To ignore this suggestion is to lose out. Don’t lose out on this."
 -Blues Bunny

"will remind you of classic John Prine with a touch of Jimmy Buffet & even Hank Williams."
"Simply put - all songs are incredible."
"Moorpark Oasis by David Silva has everything"

"David is definitely different. He was not made by following rules. The beauty of this is that he is absolutely in a class of his own"
"It's all about "love, surrender, and garlic". Nothing can be more true."
Jean-Baptiste Collinet- The Muse's Muse
"It’s clear from this opening track that Silva knows his genre and executes it well with a good dose of humor."
"Fans of classic folk should love Moorpark Oasis."
"This is an excellent CD full of bright, disarming songs.""
 "...his work is undeniably Springsteen-esque, painting vivid images of lonely nights and empty train stations. "
"Moorpark Oasis" is irrepressible and a unique blend of mirth and music with a feel good attitude. 
"David is a fascinating storyteller in the same vein as Charlie Daniels "
David Silva celebrates his not so perfect life. It’s fun with great guitar. 
There are some great lyrics all the way through which are matched by some lovely bluesy/folky guitar licks which seem to be David’s trademark.
Brilliance personified on all levels.
‘Moorpark Oasis’ is a look into a wise poet’s life, and one this writer won’t soon be forgetting.

Credits and Acknowledgments

Song Lyrics and Chords

Be the first person on your block to own a copy, or if you really want to be the envy of the neighborhood, be the first person on your block to own several hundred copies. 

Guitars And Shady Ladies


Hal's Train Song


Coffee Shop

September Bride


It Will All Be Perfect

Seafood At The Holiday Inn

Life Is Good

Moorpark Oasis is only ->$15.00<- which includes shipping anywhere in the world. Since most people will want a copy and a spare for every CD player they own, additional copies ordered at the same time to the same address will only be $10.00 each. What are you waiting for?

For international orders of the CD and/or downloads orders can also be placed at CDBABY.COM
Songs and CD can also be downloaded on iTunes.