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August 23-August 29 2008

Barack Obama

Quite possibly the most exalted title in the world. Davehead of the week allows one FOR SEVEN DAYS to have "Davehead of the week" put on their business cards, introduce themselves to strangers as "Davehead of the week", quite often shoot to the top of waiting lists at five star restaurants, exclusive country club membership rolls, and Supercuts (if they do not put you at the top of the list, you didn'twant to be there anyway), have Supermodels go from asking you to validate their parking to asking how you like your eggs, and (limited time offer) will get you nominated for President of the United States.
This week the Davehead Of The Week is Barack Obama who took time to introduce himself to and pose for a photo with Son of Dave, Stephen Silva in the Persian Gulf. 


August 30-September 5 2008
Kathy Jean Young Silva 
This is actually not a Davehead of the week so much as Davehead of my life. On September 4, 1983-25 years ago this week, Kathy Young and I got married. Since that time, my September Bride has been my best friend every day of my life. This song was her birthday present a couple of years ago...
 A late summer day an unknown destination
 Clear skies around and flowers in bloom
 "God watches Iowa” reads a sign on the highway
 And you know that it’s true in the eyes of the groom
And there’s a September bride in Coralville Iowa.
A week on the road a new love being born
Kathy Young by the driver, but her name is now different
Their lives come together in the fields of sweet corn

Nine years have passed on the coast in the redwoods
They watch from a deck as the sun slips away
She closes her eyes as he brushes her forehead
The hair of deep brown showing traces of gray
There's a September bride in Anchor Bay California
A second son due and he’s coming along
The husband beside her is strumming a 6 string
Playing to the rhythm of the sea lions song

In the still of the dawn above the vineyards in Napa
There’s a chill in the air grapes are covered with dew
A hot air balloon is carrying lovers
Sharing their world, and loving the view
There’s a September love song and a bride almost 50
They still walk together with the same wedding band
Their lives and their bodies, their love and the laughter
Entwined ever after as they walk hand in hand

Last week's Davehead Of The Week got the limited time offer to get nominated for President as a result of his award. This week's Davehead Of The Week gets to do my laundry.



September 20-26 2008

Scooby Doo 

Making an unannounced and surprise appearance at Dave World Live, the world's hairiest Davehead, Scooby Doo delighted audiences as the music tried to keep up.

In addition to all the great privileges and benefits that go with being selected, This Dave Head Of The Week gets a biscuit.


April 25-May 2 2009
James David Silva 
James David Silva making his musical debut played bass at Elk Grove High School's Rock Out Loud creating rumblings which will evolve into a fire storm unlike anything the music world has ever seen!!!!


June 20-June 27, 2009

Laurie Tsonetokoy


I have known Laurie since Kindergarten, which I admit was over 20 years ago!!! In recording a photographic journal of the last stop on the world tour of the greatest show in the tri galaxy area, and then posting it on Facebook, Laurie as made it possible for the people of the world, many down trodden to share the Davewold experience. For a humanitarian effort of this magnitude, the Nobel Peace Prize seems insufficient and she is therefore being recognized with a title even more distinguished and coveted... Laurie Tsountakoi is Davehead Of The Week.

June 27, 2009-July 4, 2009

Rachel and Jason Theiman


First Al Gore invented the Internet. Than George W. Bush told us about the rest of them. However, the Internets have now been perfected with the addition of Daveworld on Youtube made possible by Rachel and Jason Theiman who walked me through how to get it done. (Instructions started with turn on the computer… No, don’t blow in it’s ear. Find the start button and push it.) The love of the world would be enough to satisfy most mortals, but to take it to the next level; Rachel and Jason Theiman are officially Daveheads Of The Week. BTW… They are not each a Davehead. They have to split it. One can have the title in the mornings, one in the afternoon, one on even days one on odd days… Don’t know how they want to split The Honor and do not want to get involved. I am not a hostage negotiator.

August 15-August 22 2009

Victoria Smith 


The Beatles had Peter Max. The Grateful Dead had Alton Kelley. Bill Graham Productions had Lee Conklin and David Byrd. For her magnificent poster celebrating Grindstock, Victoria Smith-my cherished friend for more years than either of us is willing to admit has established herself as the official artist of Daveworld, and also earned the title of Davehead Of The Week!!


August 23-Forever

Alexander Jacob Silva 


Born on August 23, 2009 to Stephen and Cheryl Silva, not quite 6 pounds, Alex is already the undisputed heavyweight champion of Daveworld.



March 20-March 27, 2010

Jerald Silva

Being the son of an artist has it's perks. Being the son of a great artist has even better perks. When my father did portraits of Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Kenny G., Alan & Marilyn Bergman, and James Ingram he was getting warmed up and fine tuning his skills for what would be the crowned jewel of his career... The opportunity to create the cover for the most anticipated musical release since Thomas Edison invented the phonograph (in the process giving thousands of people the ability to do something with the records they had been collecting). My father has been the subject of documentary movies and books. His work has been displayed in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sacramento, and London. And he has now been bestowed with the greatest honor any one man could possibly dream of.... Davehead Of The Week.




June 5-June 12
 Scott Rodell


Since August of 2009 my days and nights have been absorbed with the creation of Moorpark Oasis. During that time Scott Rodell has gone above and beyond the role of a producer playing virtually every instrument on the disc (that is played well anyway), arranging the songs, and mixing the sound of the various takes into something that is far greater than anything I could have imagined. While one would think that spending several hours a day with me, almost every day for several months would be the greatest thrill one could experience, but this week Scott scores the ultimate thrill and has been named Davehead Of The Week. 


June 13-June 20
Annie Moose

Nobody remembers who bought the first Beatles record, the first Hemingway book, who was seated front row center at the first production of the first Shakespearean play, or who the first person was that Dick Cheney tortured. Yet that is appropriate since all of those milestones have been dwarfed as the first pre order of Moorpark Oasis has now been officially recorded and in so has elevated the winner of the great race, Annie Moose from humble friend to Davehead Of The Week. Generations from now when they are deciding who to replace Roosevelt with on Mount Rushmore, what to name the hitherto undiscovered 10th planet, and what to call the vaccine that will cure old age one word will resound throughout the world. And that word will be Moose. MOOSE. MMMMMOOOOOOOOSSSSSSEEEEE!!!!



June 20-June 26 2010

Michael Angel

People who came of age in the 1970s in Sacramento remember KZAP. For those who do not, KZAP was station pretty much in the center of the FM dial with no set format. In any given hour one might hear Bob Dylan, Sonny and Cher, Albert King, John Stewart, Phoebe Snow, Johnny Winters, Buffalo Springfield, David Bromberg, and Frank Zappa. There was no common theme or even style unifying the songs. Only that they were all good. Listeners discovered so much great music by trusting the DJs. To this day many if not most of the favorite CDs in my collection are by artists that I first heard on KZAP.


While that spirit on terrestrial radio may be a thing of the past in these days of Clear Channel Communications, fortunately it is alive and well with podcasts. And of all the podcasts, one stands above the rest and that is the Cosmic Grab Bag hosted by Michael Angel. On his show (link can be found on the “links, dude” tab) one never knows how long the show will be, or what type of music will be played, but there is one unifying characteristic. The music is good. Some of it great. I am also especially indebted to Michael because he has been promoting Moorpark Oasis hard and heavy. To this date, 4 of the songs have made their broadcast debut on the Cosmic Grab Bag. Michael Angel is not only a no brainer for Davehead Of The Week, but when the funding comes through and the “Daveworld Hall Of Fame” is built he is a lock for first round induction.

July 10-July 17 2011

Natalie Silva 


The newest Davehead Of The Week is Natalie Silva. The last name may look somewhat familiar to the most keen of observers out there... Natalie is my niece. She is already a wonderful writer and the worlds foremost expert on muffins (seriously... She can talk about muffins for several hours without even stopping to inhale.) A wonderful shopping buddy and when operating under her secret identity she is also the creater of one of the finest websites to be found on the Internets.   http://scpuffsplace.blogspot.com/


As Puff, the best buddy of all of us, she shares her tips on the best known and unknown attractions Santa Cruz has to offer, the best shows on every channel, short stories from a wild imagination, and recently shared a link to Daveworld with her world audience. With Natalies help, I am going to be a bigger star than Justin Bieber. Though even Natalie cannot get me hair like Justin Bieber... 



April 12-April 19, 2013

Barry Levitt 


Barry Levitt is one of my oldest friends, by which of course I mean he predates rope. In the short time that I have known him, he has worn the hats of a writer, a marketer, a ski instructer, a sales manager, and a dark lord of the Empire (there is a theory that if he didn't wear so many hats that he would have more hair, but I am advised that such speculation is not funny.) He has been the teller of bad jokes, a personal training motivator, and the captain of his own ship.
Now however, he has ventured into new lands and has become a Musical Impresario marketing the sounds and celebration that is Daveworld across the country. Using his great powers to see that the message is heard from coast to coast. Attached is a photograph of his first venture into sharing the word. Spreading the news of an upcoming Sacramento concert in Bellmore, NY-about where the line should be starting.